Military Services

Dr. Rae has a deep appreciation for the sacrifices that have been made by our country’s military, veterans and their families. Fifteen years of experience working with issues of emotional health and thousands of military veterans gives Dr. Rae a keen awareness of the invisible wounds these brave souls bear. She is particularly sensitive to the needs and concerns of the spouses of military veterans. Dr. Rae’s coaching for the spouses of military veterans focuses on educating couples on how mental health issues manifest themselves in veterans. Dr. Rae also focuses on why the veteran acts the way he/she does, how these behaviors impact the spouse, and what the spouse can do to help their partner while simultaneously taking care of themselves.

“I was scheduled with Dr. Elahee and was greeted with a smile. Dr. Elahee had compassion and was very kind in her deliverance. She was never short or judgmental.  My wife and I both thought she had great perception and insight and really understood what it meant to interview a veteran such as myself.”

Keith W. , SSG Army (20 years)

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