Need a Sense of Order

D.W. from Augusta asks:

I’m married, I have four kids, 2 jobs, own and manage 5 rental properties, and although I love every aspect of my life I’m struggling to maintain a sense of order. How can I attain a greater sense of peace?

Dr. Rae:

D.W. you certainly have a lot going on. This is a very big question and there are a few initial considerations you have to make. First,  decide what ‘peace’ looks like to you. Does it mean doing absolutely nothing and taking a one way trip to the beach or does it mean being able to carve out more time for yourself? Secondly, you have to delegate. Is there a way your spouse and children can help lighten your load? Can you hire a management company to oversee your properties? Thirdly, prioritize your tasks and engagements. I know you love every aspect of your life but rank them on a scale of 1-5. Decide what you want to do with the lowest rated items you are responsible for. The final thing to consider is if fun, excitement, passion, and/or self-care make regular appearances in your life? How can you add more of them?
D.W. Your plate is only so big. It shouldn’t be running over like your plate on Thanksgiving. Before you put more on, you have to take something off. Some people are in love with being busy for busy’s sake. Take inventory of the toll your stress is taking on your relationships, productivity, health and spirit. Get rid of anything that does not add value to your life.
Remember to Always Choose You!

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