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How to have the most E.P.I.C. year EVER

It is January 2017! It’s the time of year where we bundle up against the cold, enjoy hearty stews & hot chocolate, and make plans for the new year. I’m checking in with you to share some toasty tips for having an amazing year. Recently, like most of this part of the country, Atlanta endured a ‘winter storm’. Okay….storm is a definite stretch. But it was cold outside, schools were closed, and... read more

My Response to Women Who Don’t Put Themselves First

(Top reasons women don’t put themselves first…and my responses) 1. “It feels self-indulgent, I feel guilty when I do things for myself”, she says with sad eyes that desperately plead ‘save me please!’ / “I am happy when others around me are happy. That is how I take time for me”, she says with a self-sacrificing air and head held high while secretly exhausted. It isn’t selfish to put yourself... read more

6 ‘Me-Time’ Jumpstart Activities

What kind of coach would I be if I didn’t give you an assignment?   Identify two self-care activities you will engage in the next two weeks. Write down when and where you will do these activities. Get specific. Who will hold you accountable? Repeat the above actions for the next 3 months. Feel free to substitute your self care activities with new ones. 6 Jump start activities Comedy- watch... read more

How To Do ‘Me-Time’

I’ve shared with you common reasons women don’t put themselves first and my responses to those reasons. Now I want to share with you some specific strategies to accomplish quality ‘me time’. Make a list of all the ways not having quality ‘me time’ is adversely affecting you. Is it affecting your physical health, relationships, work, emotional health, or spiritual health?   What can you gain from... read more

Need a Sense of Order

D.W. from Augusta asks:

I’m married, I have four kids, 2 jobs, own and manage 5 rental properties, and although I love every aspect of my life I’m struggling to maintain a sense of order. How do I attain a greater sense of peace?

read more

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