Dr. Rachel Elahee

Psychologist, Certified Diversity Practitioner , Certified Professional Coach

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Who We Are

Our coaches have years of experience working with professionals who want to improve their productivity and life satisfaction. We advise potential customers to do their homework when searching for a coach. Coaching is an unregulated field and absolutely anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a coach. People interested in learning more about coaching should look for a coach who knows what they’re doing, is certified and has experience working in the area the client needs help in. We are board certified coaches and licensed psychologists which means we are held to a higher professional standard than other coaches. We are coaches who have both the experience and the training to assist you in meeting your goals.

What We Offer

We offer a myriad of services that are focused on improving your productivity and life satisfaction. On a corporate, small group or individual level, we have services to fit your needs. We provide keynote speaking, lunch & learns, workshops, retreats and team building activities. Individual and group coaching usualy occurs in a virtual environment such as telephone or Skype.

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Why Choose Us?

Dr. Rachel Mitchum Elahee is a licensed psychologist, professional coach, author, and speaker.  Licensed professionals are responsible for protecting the public and are ethically held to a higher standard of practice than other professionals. Coaching is an unregulated field and the term coaching is often loosely used. Anyone can call themselves a coach, and similarly, anyone can say they offer a coaching credential. As a consumer, be sure research the credentials of the coach you are considering. To be sure you get the most for your money and time, hire a coach who is credentialed by reputable body and ask questions about the coach’s experience.
Dr. Elahee has been a licensed psychologist since 2000 and has been coaching since 2006.


Finally, you and I have a lot in common. I am a professional, mother, and wife. Thus I understand many of the challenges faced by busy women with busy lives. As such, I can coach you through many of the issues that arise with maintaining balance and optimal life satisfaction.

How Coaching Works

The coach works with motivated clients who are ready to get focused usually via telephone. The client sets the agenda. The coaching is focused on what is important to you, as a result, you will get value out of every session. Coaching can stop at any time you want to stop.

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Tune into Choose You! Moments with Dr. Rae



My Response to Women Who Don’t Put Themselves First

(Top reasons women don’t put themselves first…and my responses)

1. “It feels self-indulgent, I feel guilty when I do things for myself”, she says with sad eyes that desperately plead ‘save me please!’ / “I am happy when others around me are happy. That is how I take time for me”, she says with a self-sacrificing air and head held high while secretly exhausted.

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Choose You! illuminates leadership skills and character traits professional women need in order to thrive as world thought leaders and community influencers. Dr. Rae’s tips serve as an ideal mix of humor and wit, creating an astounding recipe for success.

 ~Joi Beasley, Owner of GoGo Business Communications


[Dr. Rae] was kind enough to conduct our monthly Grady Women’s Support Group. Dr. Rae was amazing. She was actively engaged with the ladies and conducted the group in such a warm and friendly manner. She shared her daily life wisdoms and her inspirational book, “Choose You!” She made sure to include everyone in the room, even remembering and referring to them by name(!!!) throughout the group.

~Magdalene Yonker, Emory University School of Medicine